We design and deliver high-impact learning solutions to build management capabilities

and transform organizations and people.

Management Development Programs.

In partnership with our clients, we design, deliver and implement energizing and highly customized management development 
programs following four phases:



Working closely with our clients we are able to help identify skills, knowledge and behavioral gaps across relevant individuals, teams, markets and firms.

To achieve this understanding, we are able to develop online or offline assessments and undertake supporting management interviews.

By doing this we can co-design program objectives to better enable us to measure ongoing impact and determine the expectations of the various stakeholders for the programs.



We have a real depth and breadth of knowledge and experience from our 30 year history but it is essential to build client-specific content to ensure that our programs achieve the greatest impact.

By co-creating program schedules, sessions and case studies we are able to ensure total relevance to the client’s business environment.

Our business simulations can be fully customized to reflect the learning objectives and we can even create entirely bespoke scenarios that accurately reflect the client's market.

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Our unique delivery methodology always follows 
the principles of:

  • Learn: change in knowledge.
  • Practice: change in behavior.
  • Apply: change in action.

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To support this approach, we have developed our multi-modal delivery expertise to combine a range of high-quality techniques.

This approach goes beyond standard blended learning and you can find out more about our range of methods in the box below or visit our
e-learning page.



We know that increasingly, our clients are looking for a systematic way to review the impact of training and development initiatives.

With this in mind, we have developed an approach to impact measurement that is aligned with the “Four Levels of Learning Evaluation” model. 

Developed by Professor Donald Kirkpatrick, this evaluation model focuses on:

  1. Reaction: measuring immediate levels of program satisfaction from participants.
  2. Learning: identifying the resulting increase in knowledge or skills.
  3. Behavior: highlighting the changes in on-the-job behavior after the program.
  4. Results: linking back to the initial program objectives agreed in the assessment phase.

Our Solutions.


CentrX BioPharma

Our powerful BioPharma simulation will help teams become more customer-centric, create value and innovation and develop strategic thinking & business acumen.

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B2B Markets
B2B Markets

CentrX B2B

An experiential learning program build around the CentrX B2B simulation will help your leadership team connect marketing to business strategy, focus on priorities and help organize and align agile cross-functional teams.

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Fundamentals. Advanced. Leadership.

Building brands based on customer insights. Developing acumen through strategic thinking. Connecting the dots using key commercial tools.

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Multi-Modal Delivery.

By combining a range of delivery methods, tailored to the needs of our clients we are able to build an immersive and long-lasting program of learning - find out more on our e-learning page.

Impactful classroom seminars.

Our highly interactive workshops go beyond lectures and case studies to immerse your managers, virtually, in the types of real-world challenges and situations they face in their jobs.

Supporting e-learning modules.

To complement our live delivery offering, our
e-learning expertise enables us to provide a flexible, blended approach to learning to fit with the needs of our clients and the availability of the participants.

Engaging business simulations.

Since creating the MarkStrat simulation in 1984, StratX has led the field in designing software that simulates real-world experience - and stimulates minds, builds teamwork and increases learning retention.

Management training courses that deliver real-world impact.


Increase customer-centricity.

  • Identify robust strategic marketing processes
  • Translate insight into focused brand planning
  • Embed a strategic approach to innovation
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Improve strategic thinking.

  • Build effective leadership talent/skills
  • Deepen managers' business acumen
  • Strategically manage diverse portfolios
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Drive cultural change.

  • Drive lasting change by inspiring managers
  • Achieve buy-in for new processes/structure
  • Embed real and lasting changes in mindset
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