Learn by doing

We gain 70% of our experience on the job. The problem is, learning on the job carries a large cost and some risk to the company. Our training programs expose management to these scenarios without that cost and inherent risk. Our experiential approach mimics the real-world challenges that leaders face and creates an exceptional development environment to test and stretch both hard and soft skills simultaneously. It allows them to apply concepts by managing a fictitious company through a robust simulated environment.  

Download our guide to find out everything you need to know about experiential learning and how it works.

Experiential learning guide

What is experiential learning

Experiential learning, simply put, is learning by doing. It allows participants to develop and acquire new skills in a safe environment that reflects real-world situations in an ultra-compressed time frame. Experiential learning is practised through business simulations and serious games. Participants can experience years of market activities in a matter of days or even hours.

A Unique Methodology for Real Business Impact



Our programs always commence with the identification of the core business concepts that constitute the motivation for change. Once defined, these concepts are explored using interactive discussion sessions.



Engaging business simulations provide a unique and stimulating environment to allow deeper comprehension of core concepts.



In order to ensure real change, our consulting services provide support to ensure that core concepts are embedded into working practices.

Our promise to you

  • In just a matter of days or even hours, you will experience years of market activities through our engaging and world-class business simulations.
  • You will learn the latest business thinking from our expert consultants.
  • You will be able to apply newly developed skills and capabilities to real life projects and measure business impact.

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