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Jean-François Paisant

Simulation Designer

Jean-Francois develops the core modeling of our simulations for our clients at StratX.

So far, he has successfully delivered a B-to-B market simulation aimed at employees with various levels of expertise. He has also optimized the software for Biopharma and B-to-C sector simulations.

Jean-Francois’ strength is his in-depth expertise in mathematical modeling, allowing clients to experience real-life like situations when using Stratx’s simulations.  

With his curious and engaging character, Jean-Francois brings a lively element to the team.

Before joining Stratx, he got his PhD in fluid flow physics and worked for the French atomic commission. Surprisingly, he never imagined he’d work in mathematics or software development, but he looks forward to the daily challenges which await him, specifically how he can model complex phenomena in a way that will work for the end-user and facilitators.

A true geek at heart, he is an avid science-fiction lover, and is known to enjoy the occasional video game. His other passion lies in geopolitics.

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