At StratX, we create memorable experiential learning experiences to help you and your business grow. As part of that commitment, we offer free white papers to boost your learning and development needs. From using experiential learning within your training programs, to industry specific guides on building leadership and improving commercial excellence, explore our white papers below.

Experiential Learning User's Guide

Experiential learning and its impact for organizations in achieving growth.

Experiential Learning Guide

B2B Marketing

Preparing B2B marketing teams for success.

B2B Marketing Guide

Leading in Biotech & Pharma in 2025 & Beyond

Preparing biopharma firms for success.

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The Pharma Wars Series

The future pharma galaxy is complex. Where markets are more competitive and customers more segmented. 

The Pharma Wars Series

Experiential Learning in Biopharma

How teams can overcome fiercer competition, slower sales growth and declining profitability in the industry? 

Biopharma Guide

Trends in Leadership Development in 2019 & Beyond

How can you shape future leaders with the skills for success?

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