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Podcast Series: Leadership Trends in Pharma in 2020

Posted by Alexandra Harris on May 14, 2019 2:23:27 PM

What are the biggest emerging trends in leadership development impacting the pharma industry and how can organizations better prepare for them? Tune in for a conversation with FirstWord and StratX consultants by clicking on the podcast below.

Top Leadership Pharma Trends: 

A new generation of leaders: As the largest workforce generation moves into retirement, pharma companies must identify and prepare future leaders to take on senior positions by giving them both the hard and soft skills they need to be successful at the top.

Cross functional leadership: Managers often grow within their functions and often they lack the skills needed to move across functions. Learning and development programs should ensure they equip high potential talent with the cross functional skills needed to become leaders in today’s pharma market.

Improving gender parity: The pharma industry has more women in their teams than most, yet as you move up organizations you see a typical gender imbalance. Pharma organizations must raise awareness of the gender bias and invest in female talent programs to strengthen women’s business and finance acumen, an area that is often biased towards men, so women are given the same opportunities.

Learning & Development Trends in Pharma

Download our white paper on the top learning & development trends in 2020 & Beyond in pharma for more insights.

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