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Simulations for the classroom


Are you a professor in business, marketing or innovation?

If so,  please discover our solutions fit for classroom needs. 

Markstrat a strategic marketing simulation which offers MBA students and professionals a risk-free platform to test theories and make decisions. Experience strategic marketing concepts and tools in highly challenging B2C and B2B environments.

BOSS Simulation  The Blue Ocean Strategy Simulation (BOSS) is a business strategy simulation which allows participants to test new strategies and methods while respecting market realities. This tool helps participants learn to break away from the competition and create a blue ocean of new market space.  

BrandPRO With a clear focus on Targeting and Positioning, BrandPRO is designed to fit 3 hours sessions. Participants have to develop sound strategies for their two brands over 5 simulated years, and get ahead of two virtual but fierce competitors.

MixPRO  gives participants  the opportunity to master crucial Marketing mix skills in core Marketing courses and executive programs, in just 3 hours.

DIGITAL MediaPRO exposes course participants to the use of digital media, communicating with ‘digital natives’, and transforming media planning and execution.

Academic solutions