1 million leaders in 66 countries.
40 Fortune Global 500 clients.
400 top business schools.

Powerful Experiential Learning for Business Impact.

What are your objectives?

Marketing: increase customer-centricity.
Marketing: increase customer-centricity.
  • Identify robust strategic marketing processes
  • Translate insight into focused brand planning
  • Embed a strategic approach to innovation
Leadership: improve strategic thinking.
Leadership: improve strategic thinking.
  • Build effective leadership talent/skills
  • Deepen managers' business acumen
  • Strategically manage diverse portfolios
Alignment: drive cultural change.
Alignment: drive cultural change.
  • Drive lasting change by inspiring managers
  • Achieve buy-in for new processes/structure
  • Embed real and lasting changes in mindset

Impactful management development.

Design and delivery
Design and delivery of learning programs.

We design, deliver and implement energizing, customized management and leadership development programs.

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World leading business simulations.
World leading business simulations.

Our simulations are immersive, interactive and dynamic business games that provide real experiential learning.

What is experiential learning? 
Assessment and impact measurement.
Assessment and impact measurement.

Our approach includes an initial assessment to set program objectives and a robust method of impact measurement.

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  • Dell
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • L'oreal
  • St. Gobain

"Our programs create emotionally-charged environments which support experiential learning, leading to on-the-job change"

Jean-Claude Larréché - StratX Founder and INSEAD Professor

Our Unique Methodology.


Change in knowledge.

Leading-edge concepts. Engaging discussion workshops to set a solid foundation of knowledge.

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Change in behavior.

Engaging, world-class business simulations offer competitive team-based, action-learning scenarios to embed lasting change.

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Change in action.

Collective momentum, measurable business impact. Action-planning, application tools and coaching provide support to managers as they tackle real-world challenges.

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Drive Lasting Change with Experiential Learning: A User's Guide.

User Guide

Studies show that employees retain 70 percent of what they learn from on-the-job experiences and only 10 percent from traditional training courses and reading. It’s no surprise that they learn the most by actively experiencing and figuring out concepts.

Our Experiential Learning User's Guide investigates how experiential learning has become an effective solution to driving lasting change and helping organizations achieve business growth. 

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Impactful Learning.

Our highly engaging experiential learning approach will realistically reflect your business environment, giving you a deeper understanding of core concepts.

Our programs — on site, on line or blended—allow participants to sharpen their individual and collective reflexes in a risk-free environment. And the richness of situations simulated allows participants to experience and learn in a few days what they would have otherwise learned in a few years. This is how we change behaviors to maximize return on investment.

Trusted Internationally.


StratX believes that investment in building capabilities should have a significant return through business impact.

We achieve this by partnering with our customers to understand their desired business outcomes and expertly design and deliver engaging customized learning solutions.

StratX’s expertise in program facilitation and business simulation technology delivers powerful experiential learning. Our memorable approach develops individual competencies and fosters collective momentum for maximum business impact.

Since we created the original "MarkStrat" strategic marketing simulation in 1984, StratX has partnered with the best international firms and top business schools from around the world. We are proud to be trusted by such prestigious clients and develop long-lasting partnerships.

Over the past thirty years, we have supported the growth of our prestigious clients by developing the capabilities of their managers, empowering them to generate effective, customer-centric and market-driven strategies.

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