Experiential Learning in Biopharma

Published 25 April 2017 by April Giarla

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Experiential Learning in Biopharma

Posted by April Giarla on 25 April 2017

We've been rolling out our insights in marketing, leadership development and change in the Biopharma industry these past couple months.

Unite Pharma

EyeForPharma 2017 #UnitePharma

Posted by April Giarla on 17 March 2017

Now more than ever, pharma companies can no longer work alone, and most must engage with various stakeholders and customers to ensure that they stay afloat. Open collaboration is key in this new pharma landscape.

10 Steps to Multichannel Marketing Excellence

10 Steps to Multichannel Marketing Excellence - StratX

Posted by April Giarla on 17 February 2017

Take these elements into consideration if you want to achieve an effective Multichannel Marketing strategy. Read More...
2017 Blended Learning Trends

8 Hottest Blended Learning Trends in 2017

Posted by April Giarla on 13 January 2017

Learning and development (L&D) teams will be able to create more engaging and effective learning journeys over the coming year by better understanding how individuals upload and internalize new knowledge and skills and becoming more familiar and proficient with the various tools at their disposal. Read More...
Pharma Wars Final Recap

Pharma Wars | Series Summary

Posted by April Giarla on 12 January 2017

In a Pharma Galaxy far, far away. . . As a little homage to the Star Wars franchise, StratX rolled out six-part Pharma Episodes series in 2016. We hope you enjoyed it. The circle is now complete. Read More...
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